AXS STONE built their business on a boundless passion for natural stone and on solid foundations such as expertise, down-to-earth values and reliability, all of which shape their high professional profile and represent the strong points that define their work ethic.
In over 40 years, they have gained in-depth experience and knowledge of stone materials with their many distinctive features and best applications, acquiring special problem-solving skills and distinctive techniques in project development.
AXS STONE are actively involved with world famous architects and designers, and offer an all-round professional service, from initial project assessment to consultancy and advice on materials, up to and including complete production and installation.
Projects are developed by the company's own design department to meet customer requirements and deliver working drawings, specifications and support to the production team in order to produce all of the components.
Specific, hands-on experience in working natural stone and partnerships with major quarries in the Apuan extraction area guarantee the selection of best quality stone, both in terms of technical performance, aesthetic characteristics and uniformity, as well as providing perceptive solutions where more complex projects require the use of a diverse range of stone materials.

Production takes place in a fully equipped workshop using advanced machinery and technology, thanks to which AXS STONE's expert team can meet all requirements, even from the most adventurous designers, and give rise to unlimited creative ideas. Production has furthermore been diversified and broadened using computerized robots to create unique shapes, from solid stone to polystyrene models, especially when working extremely complex projects.
Rounding off the production process is the pre-installation of all parts to verify that installation requirements have been met.

The company's know-how and top technology skills, tightly linked to stone-working traditions, mean the use of their skills can be applied to various different sectors and applications, from architecture to sailing, from street furniture to interior design.

In 2011 AXS STONE was chosen to be the only company in the stone sector taking part in "IN TUSCANY. ART & DESIGN FURNITURE", a network of Tuscan companies which run high level, integrated projects in the luxury exterior and interior design sector, using turnkey solutions.

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